oldgraymare (oldgraymare) wrote,

I won't let me sleep :P

so id like to go to bed right now, as I feel like I'm half asleep every waking minute these days.  But my brain wont let me.  This nausea has gotten to me and I'm convinced that i'm going to wake up in the middle of the night having to puke.  I don't know why it matters how it happens.  I just have always hated that awful feeling where you wake up, kind of disoriented and anxious but you don't know why and then it hits you and...uch...so now i just feel like crying...It feels like all my food is sitting right beneath my breast bone, trying to force it way out through my ribs or something.  SOOOOOO SICK OF THIIIIIS.  Can't stop thinking, can't stop worrying, can't let go.  

I think I passed on my stomach issues to my cat.  he farts.  all the time. like...all the time.  The most rank, pungent, vile expulsions of gaseous hell that he unleashes unexpectedly whilst sticking his butt in your face.  pretty sure its intentional...he knows what he does...

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